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Noise 100 - Stick with Me
Con Hagiaglou will lead 100 new and experienced drummers for the Noise 100 event in July 2019 IMAGE: Sarah Joy Photography

If you’ve ever found yourself tapping your steering wheel along to the radio on your way to work, you could be part of Noise 100 this July.

The collaborative performance event, which will see Dancenorth’s company dancers perform to a live percussion ensemble of 100 drummers drawn from the Townsville community, is being created especially for this year’s North Australian Festival of the Arts (NAFA) and is seeking another 45 drummers to take part.

Noise 100 Director of Music Con Hagiaglou said the event was the perfect opportunity for experienced drummers and total new-comers to join together for something very special.

“You don’t have to be an experienced drummer or even own a drum: if you can drum on your school desk or your steering wheel, you can get involved,” Con said.

“A lot of the people we have so far have no experience and many are over 40.

“I held a registration stall at a Sunday market, and a lot of people I spoke to there said they’d always wished they took up drumming when they were younger. It’s an opportunity for those people – who didn’t get to try drumming, or who got a job or had kids and gave it up – to give it a go.”

Con will be writing a 15 minute composition of simple rhythms that the drummers and dancers will share in.

“It’s not complex, they’re easy rhythms that anyone can learn, and everybody will be playing along in unison,” he said.

“I think a lot of people who might have been interested in getting involved are talking themselves out of it – they think ‘what if I stuff up or a play out of time?’. That doesn’t matter at all. It’ll probably be covered up because there will be 100 people all playing along at once.”

But for those who are still concerned, there will be plenty of practice between now at the performances beginning at the end of July.

“We’ll get together and practice as a group every Sunday, starting 2 June. I’ll also make videos available on Facebook and YouTube so everyone can practice at home and learn their parts,” said Con.

Noise 100 will be performed four times between 31 July – 3 August as part of the North Australian Festival of the Arts. To register as a drummer, follow this link.

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