Take the lead: Nottingham – A Totally Teen Musical

Kirsty Bye and Randy Trang in Thuringowa State High School's 'Nottingham: A Totally Teen Musical,' which has two more performances this weekend. IMAGE: Supplied

In the mood for dinner and a show? Thuringowa State High School will showcase the talents of a large range of their students this weekend for their final two performances of Nottingham: A Totally Teen Musical for the school’s 32nd theatre restaurant.

Nottingham is a rock musical set at Nottingham High in the 60s, and centres around the divide between cliques (the Normans and Saxons). Year 12 student Jessica Tatnell, taking on the role of Robin, said the night would be a demonstration of students’ skills not just on stage.

“Audiences should expect an amazing night out with a three course meal as well as live band and a great performance overall,” Jessica said. “We do everything: the Hospitality kids cook the meals, the Art kids design the decorations and then we put a great show on the stage.”

Nottingham will be Jessica’s 10th production.

Travis Eaton as Marion Shire and Jessica Tatnell as Robin Loxley. IMAGE: Supplied

“I have been in nine productions before as I began performing in Theatre Restaurants while I was still at primary school. I’ve played many roles over the years between being just a general chorus member to lead roles like Robin.

“Robin is a girl who just moved back to attend her old high school, but everything is different due to schools combining. Robin brings the two groups together by calling out the injustices caused to the Saxons by the Normans.”

Nottingham opened last weekend, and Jessica said it couldn’t have gone better.

“Opening night was absolutely amazing and just overall fun as everyone’s energy just gets boosted to 150% and it just changes the whole vibe on the stage and makes it amazing when you finally have an audience!

“People should not miss Nottingham as it’s just an amazing night out and an incredible show. You get the full package, dinner and a show, so don’t have to leave for drinks or food and you get a really close experience as our theatre is small and you can really see the characters on the stage!”

Catch Thuringowa State High School’s Nottingham: A Totally Teen Musical theatre restaurant with limited seats available this Friday night – click here for tickets.

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