HUXLEY will morph into more than just an online source when we drop our very first bi-monthly street press on 6 March 2017.

We’re incredibly excited about the magazine and know it will be nothing like Townsville has ever seen before; however we do need advertisers to ensure it can continue to run for a long time to come.

By advertising in HUXLEY, you can:

Reach an active audience
Our readers are music mavens, art addicts, fashion fiends, dance devotees, comedy connoisseurs and theatre-goers of thunderous applause. They’re writers, readers, creators, makers, innovators and all ‘round culture vultures. They’re proven lovers of the real-world experience. Trend-setters. Style-makers. Thought-provokers.

Target people where they live, work and play
Our 5,000 bi-monthly issues will be available for free pick-up in galleries, theatres, boutique retailers, cafes and bar, and more. HUXLEY will be the only magazine distributed across Townsville’s James Cook University campus (including all resident halls) and will be available at SoundOFF events in Townsville and Brisbane.

Achieve greater advertising cut through
HUXLEY has a personal policy never to include more advertising than editorial. That means the ads that do run in his pages will be alongside killer content, rather than getting lost among pages and pages of other ads.


Maximise your marketing dollar
With HUXLEY’s targeted distribution in high traffic areas, 2-month shelf-life, competitive rates, discounts for multi-buys and less ‘noise’ from competing advertisers, your advertising has a platform to really shine.

Support the growth of a dynamic creative scene
HUXLEY is dedicated to showcasing Townsville’s local musicians, artists and creatives (as well as those who visit us here in Paradise). With your support, HUXLEY can help elevate our City’s vibrant cultural undercurrent, for the enjoyment of everyone.

But hurry, to ensure you don’t miss our next issue.


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