Terms and Conditions

Advertising terms and conditions

1. All advertisements are subject to the approval of Harshmellow Media + Design (“The Publishers”). While every effort will be made to publish advertisements as ordered, no liability can be accepted for misplacements, amendments, omission or failure to publish the form ordered.

2. If, for whatever reason, an order is not fulfilled, the advertiser shall pay for all past insertions at the casual or one-off rate as listed on the company rate card. This includes cancellations to multi-buy orders, which will result in discounts being waived.

3. The Advertiser agrees to abide by the Publisher’s deadlines and material requirements. It is the advertisers’ responsibility to clarify format and delivery procedures for electronic or emailed artwork and cancellation due to delivery problems will not be accepted. Advertisements cancelled after deadlines may be charged in full.

4. While the Publisher will carefully review all advertising artwork, no responsibility will be taken for the publication of incorrect advertisements once artwork has been approved for the Advertiser. The Publisher will not be held responsible for misinformation or poor quality printing arising from any artwork provided by the Advertiser or a third party on the Advertiser’s behalf.

5. No responsibility will be taken nor credits issued by the Publisher for errors or omissions of any kind where finished artwork has not been supplied.

6. In relation to receipt, authorisation, offers or requests for “proofs”, verbal or otherwise, the Advertiser agrees that the Publisher makes no guarantees regarding “proofs” and that no credit will be given in the event of a dispute so arising.

7. Where an error is admitted, this does not constitute grounds for a full credit. Credits will be given in relation to the percentage of advertising value lost as a result of the error.

8. Artwork designed or created in part or in full by the Publishers remains the property of the Publishers. Extra charges may apply to advertisers that request artwork for other purposes.

9. If you do not have a credit account and a credit account is not approved for any reason whatsoever, you will be required to pay the full amount plus GST prior to deadline.

10. Please note reproduction differences are possible due to stock & web press.

11. 25% cancellation fees will occur on any cancellations of confirmed premium and/or positionally guaranteed print bookings, including but not limited to inside front and back covers, outside back covers, and two-page spreads.

12. Harshmellow Media + Design will issue an invoice for your booking on receipt of your booking forms.